Our valuable partners

  • ENEL Groups

    ENEL Groups

    Enel Group is an energy utility company that manages a platform for open power where it collaborates with innovative technology start-ups to solve global energy problems. They aim to create a new energy era for a more sustainable world. Enel Green Power partnered with Ultrasolar Technology in 2016 to complete a series of testing rounds that led to the large-scale production of QB devices for residential and commercial use.

  • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

    Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

    Indian Institute of Technology is one of the leading universities in India focusing on research and development in science, engineering, and technology. Regarded as a Centre of Excellence, it has facilitated research that has contributed significantly to bringing improvements all over the world. UltraSolar Technology is the result of the research work conducted at IIT Delhi by the founding members of the company.

  • Sun Energy

    Sun Energy

    Sun Energy is the authorized Southern California dealer of SmartFlower. SmartFlower is a solar energy-producing solution that has been engineered in a way that demonstrates that photovoltaic systems can be simple, portable, efficient, and elegantly designed. It has a 25-year module performance guarantee which can be enhanced by more than 10% with UltraSolar QuantumBoost Device.