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The First Company To Harness And Utilize Pyroelectricity To Enhance The Power Of A Solar Module

The Energy Market is valued at trillions of dollars and solar energy is a major contributor. At UltraSolar Technology, we have developed an innovative product that enhances the energy production of an ordinary PV system by more than 10% making them much more efficient and profitable. QuantumBoost is the only kind of its product in the world. At UltraSolar Technology, we are looking for talented engineers, salespersons, marketers, and operations professionals to join our team and take UltraSolar to the next level. Find the right opportunity for you below.

Career Opportunities

  • Engineering

    Join an extremely talented team of engineers that are working on new and improved versions of QuantumBoost. The team is also researching, designing specifications, finding functional requirements and developing new products to serve the demands of residential and commercial solar energy systems.

  • Field Engineering

    Be a part of a super energetic field engineers team and conduct site audits to collect structural, electrical and related site information for use in design and installation of QuantumBoost. Provide technical support to installation teams during installation, start-up, testing and performance monitoring.

  • Sales and Marketing

    Be the face of UltraSolar Technology and connect the company with dealers and customers who would be interested in the future of solar energy technology. Generate leads through inbound and outbound methods, prepare proposals, quotations, contracts and presentations to convert leads into accounts.

  • Operations and Manufacturing

    Join the expert team of UltraSolar Technology’s manufacturing unit that is responsible for producing high quality QuantunBoost devices that can meet the ever increasing demands of the market. The process involves complicated electronics and requires the talent of highly motivated individuals.